• routerprotect
    anti-radiation case
    FREEQUENT is an anti-radiation, RFID-blocking simple to use mobile phone case with award winning technology inside. Freequent provides you with 98% radiation reduction proven by 100% scientifically accurate multiple testing at world renown AREA Science Park, Sicom Lab, Italy.
  • routerprotect
    Patented solution
    ROUTERPROTECT is a patented solution to the enormous problem of constant wireless radiation of WLAN router devices. ROUTERPROTECT was developed after years of research, trials and testings, and represents an entirely new category of protective products.
  • scientific-researches
    Scientific researches
    The shielding technologies that we use in our products have been examined against the toughest criteria in the German Armed Forces Laboratory, Bundeswehr, CNR - Italian National Research Council and the Koncar Institute.
  • mobiprotect
    Patented solution
    Unique product for protection against cell phone radiation, with built in hi-tech five-layer technology of the maximum protective efficacy of 99.5% is already available on the market.

Award Winning HELLOQUENT technology inside

Helloquent is a scientifically developed material that protects you from electrical and magnetic components of electromagnetic wave by both reflecting and absorbing radiation.